Mar 31, 20212 weeks ago

FREZITE@Connect Platform

In an increasingly digital world, FREZITE invested in a platform to facilitate its interaction with the customer. Through FREZITE@connect the customer can access the history of products already purchased, drawings, quality reports; request for new quotations and access to previous ones, manage orders, the current payments account and eventual complaints. Information at the reach of a click and that can be search on a PC or a mobile phone.

 Mar 17, 20214 weeks ago

FREZITE with excellent performance in insulating panels

The company has supplied tools to two of Europe's leading manufacturers of high-density foam insulation panels (EPS and XPS). The special configuration of the tools developed by FREZITE for these materials promotes better chip flow, allowing working at high feed speeds. In addition to the excellent cutting quality, the customers highlighted the reduced noise levels, which improves the working environment, the operators' comfort and consequently their performance.

 Feb 3, 20212 months ago

FREZITE and the Energy Sustainability

The PSEM - Mobile Energy Sustainability Project, formed by a group of Students from Instituto Superior Técnico (IST Lisbon - Portugal) develops highly efficient electric vehicles. This team participates and has been achieving recognition and awards in the Greenpower Challenge, an international competition created to challenge young students and some companies to invest in the development of sustainable vehicles for the future. The PSEM has the support of FREZITE in the execution of its prototypes.

 Jan 20, 20212 months ago

FREZITE and the Challenge of Materials

Partner of innovation in the Footwear and Leather Industry, FREZITE identifies the need to innovate, reducing waste, as a driving factor to develop cutting tools that are increasingly productive, profitable and environmentally friendly.