SUAVE Cutter

The tool SUAVE was designed to work on edge banding machines.

High feed speeds with excellent finishing

Developed for chipboard calibration, with or without coating, this solution presents symmetrical construction, allowing its use both with RH and LH rotations.
The increased axial angles and its improved body design provide a chip flow optimization ensuring noise reduction during work.
An excellent finishing, both at the bottom and top of the panel, is another of its characteristics which allows a great gluing of edge bands.

The jointing Diamond Cutter SUAVE increases your productivity and guarantees excellent edge quality!

D B d DKN Z Ref.
100 25 30 8x3 3+3 A827.100.125.30
  35 30 8x3 3+3 A827.100.135.30
  48 30 8x3 3+3 A827.100.148.30
125 35 30 8x3 3+3 A827.125.135.30
  48 30 8x3 3+3 A827.125.148.30